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D.Pharmacy (Allopathy)

Pharmacy is the science and art of medicine and healthcare. Pharmacists are expert healthcare professionals on...

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A Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) course is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills...

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Pharmacy as a Career Choice

With increased foreign investment in pharmaceutical sector, pharmacy graduates find this sector expanding with a fertile job market in research, development, testing and distribution. Whether you are interested in working in a chemist shop, pharma-biotech company, IT, getting into research, product management, production i.e. bulk drug manufacturing, teaching or marketing, the field is booming with opportunities to follow your inclination to work with prescribing, marketing and manufacturing drugs.



DR G.S nagpal

Director's Message

We at Punjab College of Pharmacy are committed to providing modern infrastructure for imparting high quality Education and Research for our students supported by highly qualified, dedicated core teaching faculty so as to produce next generation Pharmacists. We regularly engage our students in activities such as seminars, guest lectures, workshops so as to keep our students abreast with the latest developments in the field if Pharmacy and related areas of healthcare industry. In order to nurture the talent among our students and prepare them as socially responsible individuals we carry out various social and cultural activities at our campus.


Dr. Shivani Bansal

Principal's Message

Offering the best pharmacy courses in Punjab, the academic curriculum builds clinical excellence in each student by underpinning a strong scientific foundation and experience of working in a hospital setting alongside classroom teaching. The engaging classroom environment is centered to help students be conversant with professional aspects of pharmacy taking up active roles in addressing unmet clinical needs, personalised medicines and professional practice. The laboratory work provide simultaneous development of knowledge and learning in context of how it is applied in practice whether it is prescribing the right medicine, its dosage, taking care of contraindications like allergy, pregnancy, diabetes and so on because all medicines may not suit every patient and may cause side effects in some. Besides studies, the campus houses a very vibrant student body.

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